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"Calamity Chang Coffee Tease"

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The Noire Pageant

Friday, March 12–

Saturday, March 13

The Noire Pageant, the first pageant to exclusively showcase BIPOC burlesque performers, will take place online, March 12 and March 13. The seductive and scintillating weekend affair brings together world-renowned headliners from across the globe, along with a bevy of talented performers. 


The name "Calamity Chang" is inspired by the notorious frontierswoman Calamity Jane, an outlaw who was known to be a daredevil and an alcoholic. Calamity Chang may not be all those things (but she did grow up in Texas), she does exemplify the same rebellious freedom through the art form of burlesque.

Calamity Chang is one of the busiest burlesque performer AND producer based in NYC with 2 longstanding weekly shows and 2 monthly shows; she also co-produces the world's only NEW YORK ASIAN BURLESQUE EXTRAVAGANZA with Jen Gapay.
Named by The Huffington Post as one of the "20 Burlesque Stars To Know" and by 21st Century Burlesque as one of the Top 100 Burlesque Performers in the world, Calamity has performed for numerous esteemed events such as Inked Magazine (Pinup Issue Release Party 2015), Design Industries Foundation for Fighting Aids NYC, and celebrities such as Brooke Shields and the cast of The Addams Family, Corey Miller of LA Ink, and guest starred in Moby's metal band DiamondSnake ("Woman, Yea"). Calamity has also appeared in reality TV shows such as "Oddities" (Science Channel) and "My Big Redneck Vacation" (Country Music Television). You can also see her in the controversial NC-17 film of 2011 "Shame" by Steve McQueen starring Michael Fassbender as "Late Night Lover #1".
Calamity has a wide range of performance styles suitable for all kinds of events. She is just as comfortable being a glamorous showgirl teasing with feather fans and ostrich boas in classic showgirl-style acts as she is performing neo-burlesque acts clad in shiny latex and other fetish-inspired looks.
This "Asian Sexsation" has made a mark in the burlesque world with her signature food-inspired ("foodlesque") acts focusing on Asian culinary icons in popular culture such as Sriracha hot sauce, sushi roll, and cup o' noodles. By fusing her love for food and her Chinese heritage in playful and sexy striptease performances, Calamity brings visibility to performers of color worldwide with a dash of whimsy and a peppering of good humour.
She was in the "Best Debut" at Burlesque Hall of Fame, Las Vegas in 2012. She headlined the First Annual Empire Burlesque Festival in Ithaca, NY (2016), Edmonton Burlesque Festival (2016) and Montreal Burlesque Festival (2016), The Philadelphia Burlesque Festival (2018), The Freezing Tassel Festival (Alaska) 2019, Metalesque Festival (2019), Discordia Days Burlesque Festival (2019).
She has taught at the world's only burlesque convention in Seattle BurlyCon 2018 and is a NY School of Burlesque instructor. She is also a 4 time NYC Golden Pasties Award winner ("The Hustler: the performer who has hustle game", "The Busy Bee: the performer who multi-tasks the most backstage", "The TMZ Award: the performer who has all the gossip", "The Betty Crocker Award: the performer most likely to incorporate food in their act").
Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Calamity grew up in Bolivia (Santa Cruz), Florida (Tampa), and various cities in Texas including Houston and Dallas. Though she has lived in NYC for 20 years and counting, she also considers Texas her home.


21st Century's 2018 Top 100 Burlesque Performers #58

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The World's 11 Hottest Burlesque Stars

20 Burlesque Stars to Know

Tattooed vixen of the downtown striptease scene

TimeOut New York

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On Set of SHAME

On Set of SHAME

With my co-stars DeeDee Luxe, Michael Fassbender, and director Steve McQueen after our shoot

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho

Yes. Enough said.

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields

Private party for Brooke & the cast of The Addams Family at Nurse Bettie



Private party for Ellen (VS Magazine) at Macao Trading Company

Johnny Wu

Johnny Wu

Actor Johnny Wu redcarpet for The Promise Society fundraiser

Brian Viveros

Brian Viveros

LA artists Brian Viveros' art exhibition (Smoking Amy series)

Corey Miller

Corey Miller

Celebrity tattoo artist Corey Miller for Tuaca party

Burlesque Beat

"...Calamity was hands-down the best I’ve ever seen her."

Jet' aime, Me Neither

The “Asian Sexsation,” has been called one of the  “20 Burlesque Stars To Know” by The Huffington Post and has taken her show around the world. 

Time Out New York: After Dark Inquiry

"The Asian Sexsation" is one of the NYC burlesque scene's busiest performers and producers. Interviewed by Bruce Tantum


Food Republic

EO's resident temptress, Calamity Chang By Gabi Porter, July 30, 2012

Food Republic

Burlesque star spices up dinner theater, By Chantal Martineau, Feb. 29, 2012

The Huffington Post

"Known for: Conjuring an evocative and campy WWII-era atmosphere. The Taipei born, Texas bred performer calls herself "the Asian Sexsation...." By Mallika Rao

Crave Magazine

An interview with luxury brand sex toy company Crave about what makes her feel sexy

"...Darkly bedazzled, Calamity lit up the stage with her mournful, elegant goodbye to love."

Brooklyn Vegan

...4th Annual Asian Burlesque Spectacular at DROM on May 21st... offered up everything that title promised...

New York Times T-Magazine

As a no-holds-barred celebration of this mentality, the lounge, in collaboration with a performer who goes by the name Calamity Chang

Tina Turnbow, Celebrity MUA

"Bombshell Beauty Burlesque Style" By Tina Turnbow

DNA Info

“I feel it is time for us to show ourselves in multi-dimensional ways,” said Calamity Chang

Forbes Traveller Guide

...this burlesque legend will be talking at the bar with Employees Only bartender Igor Hadzismajlovic about cocktails, dancing...

Pin Curl Magazine Interview

21st Century Burlesque Magazine

" Visually gorgeous and uplifting penultimate performance."

Time Out NY

"...a new burlesque night produced by Calamity Chang and featuring her fellow performers Amber Ray and Peekaboo Pointe—filled the cozy space with Jazz Age sparkle by way of the Orient, evoking a vintage Asian aesthetic within a modern context."

Asbury Park Press

"Burlesque is all about spectacle—but sometimes the most fun is had when that spectacle is delivered in up-close-and-personal, and that’s what Calamity Chang’s Room 69: The Hotel Chantelle Way is all about."

Urban Daddy

In the history of pairings, soul food and Sichuan get a curious footnote. But throw in a burlesque show, and there's some perverse genius.

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Menea Music Video

Music Video by P3culiar Marcelo Baez, inspired by Chinese-Mexican ficheras actress Lynn May