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Choose Your Own Tease

“The Red Act”

If you are entertained by my work in real life and online, and you'd like to see more "Choose Your Own Tease" please consider making an "Appreciation Donation" to my Venmo @calamitychang or PayPal (see below for QRcodes). Digital content is extremely time-intensive from pre-production to execution. And I do it all the techy-stuff myself! Thank you for looking and for all your support!

For optional experience, desktop computer is ideal. I thought about disabling the playback bar so no cheating or jumping ahead is allowed, but then I remembered how I used to "cheat" reading the CYOA books and bookmarked all the pages to go back and choose another ending so f*ck it. I'll let you choose how you want to experience the tease. Much love! XOXO Calamity




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