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Episode 01, Cooking with Calamity: Indian Butter Chicken

Episode 01, Cooking with Calamity: Indian Butter Chicken


With this purchase, you will receive a Word document (.doxc) containing two links: to Download or View this episode. When you click on "Download" the video will download immediately to your desktop. And if you click on "Play", it will start the video but not download it to your desktop. 


In this episode, Calamity will be sharing an easier-to-make, Indian-inspired Butter Chicken dish while showcasing her favorite burlesque performers who also share her love for food!

All proceeds go toward the cast! Tips are accepted and encouraged during performances via Paypal, Venmo or Cash. Details in caption!

Featuring delicious burlesque performances by:

Sizzlin Liz (Paypal

Muff Jones (Venmo @Muff-Jones / PayPal

Wae Messed (Venmo: @waemessed)

Siomai Moore ( / Venmo @siomaimoore / Cashapp $siomaimoore)

Nip Fury (Venmo: @nipfury)

Danielle Saint Velvet (Venmo @Danielle-Kearns / Paypal

Gin Minsky (Venmo @ginminsky / Paypal

Minx Arcana (Venmo @MinxArcana)

Varla Velour (Paypal

Le Grand Chaton (Venmo @LeGrandChaton)

Calamity Chang (Venmo @calamitychang #1390 / Cash $calamitychang)


Indian Butter Chicken Recipe 

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