A small sample of burlesque acts nspired by vintage culture, fashion, romance, nostalgia, Old Shanghai, and luxurious excess


"Neo-burlesque" that evoke dark romance, alternative cultures, lifestyles and deviate from the traditional "showgirl" spectacle


Inspired by culinary trends and obsessions that are lovingly and often hilariously embraced by both East and Western popular cultures

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Silver Fringe Extravaganza

Inspired by a bit of 70s, a bit of Cher, a bit of drag glam, Calamity presents a high energy, over the top glamour in this striptease act with exciting costumes reveals, twists, and floor work! A crowd pleaser all year round, especially for Great Gatsby and Prohibition themed parties, holiday and winter themed events.

Feeling Good

Sultry black fan dance with edgey dark glamour

Dark Floral Burlesque

A beautiful floral striptease inspired by TexMex rockabilly sounds

Emerald Exotica

A high energy emerald fan dance to exotica vibes!

Chinese Flamenco

One of Calamity's signature skills is her ability to fuse her Chinese heritage with other cultures that inspire her. In this high energy, fast paced act reminiscent of  Spanish flamenco, Calamity dazzles the audience with her silk fan skills while stripping out of a  traditional Asian robe and fringed-covered pants.

Mei Ling Tribute

Calamity pays tribute to a long-forgotten Chinese American burlesque performer from the 1940s known only as "Mei Ling" in this elegant and romantic act to authentic vintage Chinese jazz music from the Old Shanghai era. This act is perfect for the cultured and sophisticated nostalgia lover.

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Pure sex bundled up in a red leopard corset costume, fun, high energy and sultry


Drop of Poison

Drop of Poison

Black and silver with a drop of poison, Calamity struts darkly in this act featuring an equally moody song by Tom Waits.

Video by Kenny Hoff at Hubba Hubba Revue's Monday Night show at DNA Lounge, San Francisco

Walkin After Midnight

Latex Cowgirl

Calamity Chang's rendition of a vintage cowgirl pays homage to her childhood in Texas, but this cowgirl is all about fun, bright colors, and dazzles with some real rope tricks in the end! Calamity self describes this act appropriate as her second tagline, "The Yellow Rose of Texas". Headlining act at Discordia Dames Festival 2019, Greensboro, NC


Costume by Lydia Vengeance

The Executioner Metalesque

Metal & doom meets burlesque with the Sex-ecutioner in this metal-inspired neo striptease designed to bring fear and eros to the experience to Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

Headlining act at Metalesque Festival 2019, Portland, Oregon

Military Erotica

A signature act that is popular all year round, this powerful and edgey act is inspired by military fetish and accompanied by Madonna's "Erotica"

Latex Nun

No one does a Nun act the way Calamity does. Inspired by nun-ploitation sex films of the 60/70s, this provocative (and sometimes shocking, depending on who you are) act is performed to The Knife's "Heartbeats" as Sister Calamity appears with a flaming Bible. She strips out of her tight-fitting latex outfit and reveals a final kinky religious twist and a flaming Bible. Not for the deeply religious.

Evil Snow White

Fairy tales go bad sometimes and turn good apples to bad apples. In this seductive latex act Calamity re-imagines a Snow White gone bad by a poisoned apple.. performed to "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge.

Canine Fet

You may have heard of pony play, but have you dabbled with doggie play? Calamity dons on a fetish canine outfit of soft leather made by luxury leather brand Ilya Fleet in this smothering and captivating S&M-inspired act to a modern cover of "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This".

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Cup O' Calamity


Calamity Chang, known for fusing her love for iconic Asian food figures into her food-burlesque performances, outdones herself in this newest act– a brilliantly cheeky, flirty, and sexy neo-burlesque act celebrating multi-culturalism in food in Cup O' Calamity! 

Headlining act at Discordia Dames Burlesque Festival 2019, Greensboro, NC


Costume designed by Ms Tickle Arts

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Sriracha Hawt Sauce

Calamity loves Sriracha hot sauce so much that she created a burlesque act dedicated to her #1 condiment! 

Model "Mi-Nori-ty Roll"

The newest comedic act from Calamity is a sexy nori roll! This act is high energy with incredible costume concept and design that ends with a sexy rice boa! Headlining act at Freezing Tassel Burlesque Festival 2019, Anchorage, Alaska; Drop Dead Dames Summer Show, San Diego, CA.

Costume designed by Ms Tickle

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