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As a burlesque performer and producer in NYC who also have a full-time day job in the world of advertising, making food that is delicious and time-efficient is a huge priority in managing my busy life. The recipes I try all have one thing in common: they are designed for busy women running busy lives! You won't see convoluted, hoity-toity NYTimes-style recipes here. But you will see delicious meal prep recipes, Air Fryer shortcuts, slow cooker cheats, and other kitchen hacks that I employee so I have more time to travel all over the world to perform! Thanks for visiting!


Ask Me Anything on Instagram 11/11/2019

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

How did you get into performing? — @Randinwonderlnd

I would say that it was inevitable that I became a burlesque performer. In retrospect, I can see that I was interested in specific things (sexuality, performativity and glamour) that all intersected at the junction called BURLESQUE. In junior and high school, I was obsessed with and collected vintage jewelry that I found lea markets. I listened to big band music as a 14 YO in Arlington, Texas when everyone else was listening to Tiffany, NKOTB, etc. At Cornell as an undergrad, I was in an all-womyn improv comedy group. We performed every semester to sold-out audiences, and we pushed the boundaries of what censorship meant and protested and almost got arrested once. Or twice. I think burlesque attracts rebellious women. That's the long story of how I got into burlesque. The short version? I saw a show in the east Village one random night, continued to go see a bunch of burlesque shows in NYC for years, and finally got enough guts to enroll in a month-long series at the NY School of Burlesque, and the rest was herstory!

My first production (every Sunday night) at the now defunct west village restaurant Chow Bar owned by Peter Klein who gave me my first production break!

Favorite place to eat in Texas? — @sirennoir

For Mexican food, I like to make my parents go to Mariano's Hacienda where the frozen margarita machine was purported invented. It's damn strong! I also like El Gabacho, I like all the John Wayne western memorabilia there and their happy hour starts at 11am. I also like getting my PHO on when I'm home in the DFW area. There are so many good pho places in Arlington I can't even remember. But lastly favorite place to eat at is home, my mom's cooking!

Favorite place you have performed at? — @sir_latexman

So many....for 2019 it would be Dante's in Portland, Oregon for the Metalesque Festival. The stage is huge, rock and roll lighting, fog machine, great sightline - all the things I want when teching but never get in NYC venues. :)

Do you miss living in Texas? — @weirdpepperguy

I miss my family, the open space, the dry summer heat (yes!), Tex Mex culture, and I miss the big-hearted, open friendliness that is the cowboy/girl spirit. I also miss the fact that most gringos in Texas can eat spicy foods like no other gringos anywhere else in the USA cause of the Mexican cuisine influence!

What would your final meal be? — @cabburyparfait

The final meal question always brings up interesting answers at a party. The answers inevitably reflect the answerer's life values. For instance, my co-worker Andrew said he would want to relive the meal he had in Spoleto, Italy, a dish of fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with ricotta and some sort of pasta he can't remember now, but both were so memorable he'd want to eat this course all over again, one final time. For him the final meal is a moment to recreate one of his travel adventures in a foreign country because he values expanding his world view through traveling. For me, however, I would want my final meal to be my mom's cooking. Specifically sauteed string beans, mapo tofu, and hot pot! Food brings feelings of comfort, safety, and love - and that is what I would want for my final meal. What would yours be?


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