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Stripping through the American immigrant dream one feather at a time. Sharing my life as a burlesque performer, a NYC advertising Art Director (now remote), a woman of color, an ex-New Yorker of 22 years, a Texan at heart, a foodie, and a lover of vintage culture and glamour. Welcome to Calamity's blog!

One pot meals so I have more time to lay down & drink

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I’m all for saving time and not having to do lots of dishes so I can do other shit I wanna do. I modified the recipe with additional mushrooms so my cooking time is about 5 to 10 minutes longer than the OG recipe since mushrooms release more water. And I skipped the tarragon. I have never owned tarragon in my spice collection. Don’t know what it is. Don’t know what it taste like. Don’t think I will miss it. I used my favorite cooking tool a Le Creuset 6 QT dutch oven. This baby is just a wonder to use, crisping chicken or any meats on the bottom, then scraping off the burnt bits with stock (nothing is ever stuck on the base) to form the base of the sauce- it's alchemy! You don't have to use Le Creuset specifically, the Lodge brand from Target works just as well from my research online. I found mine at Kohls' back home in Fort Worth Texas a few years ago when I went home, and trust, I grabbed that orange sucker lickety split for $175? Hell yes. Shoulda bought the other one there and sold it on eBay!

The interesting thing about this recipe is that uses dijon mustard, lemon juice and capers! They all come together famously. I’m also a fan of cannellini beans. I did put it inside the boiler at the end to crisp up the skin - highly recommend! This dish will last me all week for lunch to work! I had it over broccoli rice. Meat-loving-vegetable-hating husband had it over black bean pasta and he even ate all the kale. Really anything that can absorb the delicious jus works! Brown Rice would be great too.

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